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A key component of the AIM System suite of products is our patented Bay Management System (BMS). The system efficiently manages all de-icing operations while collecting data and providing real-time information to all stakeholders. BMS is compatible with other data sharing systems, such as:

  • Telemetry Systems;
  • Weather monitoring devices; and
  • GPS and transponder based inputs.

All aspects of the operation are time stamped and recorded which provides a multitude of data that can be broken out and analyzed to target improvement areas.

Designed to be operated in a centralized location with minimal staff the BMS helps support:

  • Efficient and safe throughput;
  • Fluid inventory;
  • Equipment monitoring;
  • Data collection and reporting; and
  • Graphical visual of the pad.

The JCAII Bay Management System is designed to operate with all the AIM System products, as well as any other software-based system.

BMS... when compromising is not an option.
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