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JCAII SmartPad® is a patented turnkey solution that incorporates our entire suite of products to accommodate any size airport or operation.

  • Adjustable;
  • Customizable; and
  • Affordable.

Our integrated program provides flexibility at airports where permanent infrastructures are non-existent or possible due to space constraints.

The ability to create a remote de-icing facility improves airport efficiency by providing needed gate space for incoming aircraft. Concentrating de-icing operations confines chemical run-off and helps achieve environmental sustainability.

Efficiency also translates into saving for the airlines.

  • Safer operations;
  • Reduced fuel consumption;
  • Improved on-time performance;
  • Reduced crew time;
  • Fewer misconnected passengers and bags; and
  • Reduced flight cancellations.

Integrating all systems into a single point of control facilitates data capture while increasing reporting accuracy and decision making and reducing administrative workloads.

SmartPad®... Designed to help you stay on-time... All the time.
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